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Blade 1000 EPS combines the latest technologies and many years of TGB brand experience. In addition to the largest and most powerful TGB engine and three-mode electric power steering, it also offers a unique 4×4 drive system with two lockable differentials (L7e version). Thanks to this, the Blade 1000 is very easy to drive, and together with the independent suspension of all wheels will surprise you with extremely comfortable handling, smooth driving and high throughput through difficult terrain. The extended chassis provides safety on the hills and stability in fast driving, while retaining the famous handling of short models. The large four-stroke two-cylinder with V cylinders gives the ATV superior dynamics and huge traction. In addition to power steering, the extensive equipment includes a powerful electric winch, attractive aluminum discs, towing equipment, high-tech LED lighting and high-quality EVO shock absorbers with progressive coil springs.

11.640,00  (87.702,00 kn)

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T3 homologation for 2 persons.
100% VAT deduction and 100% in cost

Tehnical specifications


V-Twin 1000 EFI engine

The tremendous power of the V-Twin 1000 engine gives the ATV maximum acceleration, high torque and high traction. Electronic fuel injection guarantees reliable starting, clean combustion and low fuel consumption. A reliable, robust heavy-duty automatic transmission with minimal maintenance is equipped with an efficient engine brake.


Electric power steering with three modes

The electric power steering reduces the force required to drive, so even a long drive or daytime work will not tire you out. At the same time, the power steering improves the handling of the ATV and driving safety, as it also acts as a shock absorber for impacts and impacts on the steering wheel, for example when the front wheel hits a hidden rock, hole or stump. The impact will not knock the steering wheel out of your hand, as the amplifier will absorb most of the impact energy. The power steering is equipped with three modes that can be selected.


4x4 drive with two differentials

The L7e version is equipped with a two-differential drive system. On difficult terrain, you will also appreciate the ability to lock the electric differential locks. This makes the Blade 1000i one of the most comfortable ATVs to drive and allows you to precisely configure the drive for any terrain. On the one hand, it provides excellent passability through difficult terrain, while ensuring an extremely comfortable ride. There’s also a 2x4 / 4x4 electric push-button drive connection, as well as a modern independent all-wheel suspension iRS with wide tread with a large ground clearance.


Disc brakes on all wheels

The powerful hydraulic braking system with three (T3b) or four (L7e) discs will give you confidence in hard work, when driving a heavy trailer or moving driving restrictions. Thanks to the armored brake hoses, they enable sensitive dosing and perfect control of the braking effect.


Modern lighting

Attractive LED daytime running lights with integrated turn signals catch the eye at first glance. Together with the LED rear lights and turn signals, the Blade 1000i gives an attractive look. And when the sun goes down, the powerful headlights of the projector will reliably help you find your way home.


Multifunction LCD display

Accurate information whenever you need it. The multifunction LCD display offers all important functions such as digital tachometer, digital speedometer, maximum achieved engine speed, maximum achieved speed, average speed, 2 daily odometers, total odometer, daily odometer, fuel gauge, on-board clock, display of diagnostic fault codes and all necessary indicators.


Top equipment

There aren’t many ATVs on the market that could boast of offering such rich equipment as the Blade 1000 LT EPS at such an attractive base price. Basically, the Blade 1000 is fully equipped with state-of-the-art two-differential technology with electric locks. Other equipment includes electric power steering, attractive 8-spoke alloy wheels, Maxxis Bighorn tires, arm guards, robust front guard, front and rear composite luggage rack, separate raised passenger seat with comfortable backrest, passenger footrests, LED lighting, 12V socket, towing hitch and el. winch with a large traction force of 3000 lbs.