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Sports ATV with 4×4 drive and electric power steering. The sporty image is enhanced by attractive black colors with bright yellow elements. Target combines the advantages of sporty and useful SUVs. The sporty chassis and powerful engine are perfect for a sporty experience and a rush of adrenaline on the field, thanks to the 4×4 drive with differential lock, towing hitch and strong winch, it can withstand even hard work. Target also exceeds the standards of its class with dexterity, comfortable handling and excellent quality.

8.735,00  (65.814,00 kn)

Amount with VAT

T3 homologation for 2 persons.
100% VAT deduction and 100% in cost

Tehnical specifications


Powerful EFI engine

The high-performance engine with four 600 cc valves has refined operation, high traction and high torque. Electronic fuel injection and combined liquid and oil cooling with two separate radiators guarantee high reliability, low emissions and favorable consumption.

Robusna sasija

Robust chassis with 4x4 drive

Excellent road handling ensures a modern, completely independent all-wheel suspension, along with a wide track and a large ground clearance. The 2x4 / 4x4 drive can be shifted at the touch of a button on the steering wheel, and on difficult terrain you will appreciate the fast electric locking of the front differential. The comfortable chassis is equipped with high-quality EVO hydraulic shock absorbers with progressive coil springs and adjustable preload.


Power steering with three modes

The electric power steering makes it easier to steer the ATV and reduces the force required to steer. The amplifier also improves driving safety, as it also acts as a shock absorber for bumps and bumps on the steering wheel. For example, if you come across a hidden rock, hole, or stump around you, the impact will not knock the steering wheel out of your hand, as most of the impact will be absorbed by the booster. The TGB power steering offers three selectable modes: standard effect / maximum effect / off.


Strong brakes

Brakes are just as important as performance. Three discs (T3b), or a four-disc brake system (L7e) with drilled discs and high braking force will give you confidence in improving your driving skills or when towing a heavy trailer. Thanks to the armored brake hoses, they enable sensitive dosing and excellent control of the braking effect.

Sportski dizajn

Sports design

The sporty design of the Target is both attractive and functional. Despite the sporty cut, the Target provides excellent protection from flying mud, so you’ll be back home from a muddy journey clean. And when it gets dark, high-performance dual-projector headlights will reliably find their way home.


Multifunction LCD display

Clear information whenever you need it. The modern multifunction LCD display offers a number of functions such as digital speedometer, fuel gauge, clock, maximum speed, average speed, 2 daily odometers, total distance traveled, daily and total odometers and all necessary indicators.

Bogata oprema

Rich equipment

Basically, the Target offers a wide range of equipment, including electric power steering, attractive 8-spoke alloy wheels, branded tires, hand guards, front guard, towing equipment and a reliable winch with a high traction force of 3000 lbs.