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The Blade series represents a new generation of ATV technology with unsurpassed specifications and provides great entertainment. Equipped with high-torque engines, these machines are designed to handle the toughest conditions. Designed to withstand difficult tasks on the farm or for recreational purposes. It is powered by a 561 cc liquid-cooled engine with high torque that provides high power and throttle response when maneuvering on difficult terrain. Suitable for all aspects of small business and leisure.

59.600,00 kn

Amount with VAT

T3 homologation for 2 persons.
100% VAT deduction and 100% in cost

Tehnical specifications


Powerful 600 ccm engine

The reliable 600 cc four-stroke engine with modern technology, liquid and oil cooling with two separate radiators is equipped with modern electronic fuel injection. Injection guarantees high performance, high traction, high torque, low emissions and a reliable start in summer and winter.


Robust extended chassis

Optimized chassis geometry, wide draft and comfortably adjusted suspension give the ATV precise steering, easy handling and a high degree of stability. Excellent off-road comfort is ensured by the modern independent suspension of all IRS wheels, on difficult terrains you will also appreciate the 2x4 / 4x4 drive with fast electric locks on the front and rear differential. The extended chassis provides ample space and good driving characteristics.


4x4 drive with two differentials (Euro4)

The Euro 4 version is equipped with a sophisticated drive system with two lockable differentials. On difficult terrain, you will appreciate the quick locking of one or both differentials. This allows you to easily configure the drive ideal for any terrain and situation. On the one hand you get complete traction on difficult terrain, on the other hand, a stable ride and an incredibly comfortable ride in an ATV. Electrically foldable 2x4 / 4x4 drive and modern independent suspension on all wheels of the iRS, together with a wide draft and a large distance from the ground guarantee excellent passability on any terrain.


Powerful disc brakes

Efficient hydraulic disc brakes with drilled discs and high braking power give you the confidence to drive downhill, work with a heavy trailer or move driving restrictions. Thanks to the armored brake hoses, they enable sensitive dosing and precise brake control.


Modern Full-LED lighting

High-brightness full-LED headlights with matrix technology give the machine an unmistakably attractive look. Headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights also provide turn signal and side light function. Also, all other lighting, including brake lights and rear turn signals, is equipped with innovative LED technology that provides high brightness.


Multifunction LCD display

Accurate information whenever you need it: the modern multifunction LCD screen is not only easy to read, but also beautiful, and offers numerous functions such as digital tachometer, digital speedometer, maximum engine speed, maximum speed, average speed,, total odometer distance, daily odometer, total odometer, fuel gauge, clock and all necessary control lights.

TGB Blade 600i LTX full equipment

Full equipment already in the starting price

TGB Blade 600i LTX basically offers extremely rich equipment that includes elegant 12 "ALU rims, marked tires, arm guards, robust front protective frame, modern composite luggage racks, separate passenger seat with backrest, modern lighting Full -LED, Socket of 12 V, towing device and waterproof winch with a traction force of 3000 lbs.