Linhai 500 AR

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Linhai 500 AR

Powerful useful recreational quad bike Linhai 500 4×4 AR is perfectly prepared to solve even the most difficult professional jobs on the farm, in the cottage, in the field or in the woods, relaxing trips and rides on the most difficult terrains. In everyday use, you’ll appreciate the swivel chassis with independent all-wheel suspension, comfortable suspension, reliable liquid-cooled engine, 2×4 / 4×4 electrically flammable drive with electric front differential lock, attractive design and high reliability.

5.390,00  (40.611,00 kn)

Amount with VAT

T3 homologation for 2 persons.
100% VAT deduction and 100% in cost

Tehnical specifications

Reliable Engine

The liquid-cooled single cylinder has enough power for hard work and dynamic acceleration. The engine transmits its power to the wheels via an automatic two-speed transmission from the leading Canadian manufacturer CVTech, which is equipped with reduction, neutral and reverse.

4x4 drive

Reliable electrically adjustable 4x4 drive with electric front differential lock ensures optimal grip on any surface. With a simple push of a button on the steering wheel, engine power is transmitted to both axles whenever you need increased traction. And on the toughest terrain, where even all-wheel drive no longer helps, an electric front differential lock is still available.

Front differential lock

A simple electric front differential lock will pull you out of mud, heavy and slippery terrain if one front wheel starts to spin. After engaging all-wheel drive (4x4) and activating the differential lock, power goes evenly to both front wheels, allowing you to drive, climb and overcome any difficult spot with safety. Just stop and press the differential lock button on the steering wheel.

Excellent chassis

The excellent wide chassis, together with the rigid frame and low center of gravity, ensures comfortable and easy handling. The independent suspension of all wheels will delight you every time you conquer a terrain on which you did not dare to conquer with another machine before. A very small turning radius also contributes to high handling.

Modern lighting

Attractive LED daytime running lights elegantly complement the modern design of this model and together with the LED turn signals give it an even more mature and attractive look. And with dual high-performance headlight lenses, you won’t be stopped by all the darkness of the world.

Multifunction LCD display

Instrument panel with blue multifunction LCD display with backlight is easy to read and provides all important information: digital speedometer, digital tachometer, mileage indicator, mileage indicator, drive indicator 2WD / 4WD / LOCK, coolant temperature indicator, digital fuel gauge,, light high beam warnings, and reversing speed indicator light.

Top equipment

Despite the excellent price, the Linhai 500 4x4 AR boasts a truly rich standard of equipment, which in addition to electrically adjustable 4x4 drive includes a massive front protection frame, robust front and rear bracket, designer alloy wheels with marked tires, electric winch with 3000 lbs and remote control. towing hitch, hand guards, LED daytime running lights, LED turn signals, dual projector lights and practical acoustic turn signal.